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What readers are saying:

“BREAKTHROUGH is an absolute top-notch high quality hardbound book. It is not loose-leaf, paperback, or skimpy. 360 pages and 30 chapters of material make a solid and impressive work!”
Illinois Association of Personnel Consultants
“A wealth of quality information.”
The Fordyce Letter
“It is truly refreshing to read material that goes well beyond the basics. While this book is geared for the experienced consultant, it will also build a powerful foundation for a new person to learn the right way.”
Oklahoma Association of Personnel Services
“Finkel has a deep understanding of the sales process. While he focuses specifically on the recruiter whose production has plateaued, it is truly packed with sophisticated and useful information to increase production for anyone in our business.”
Minnesota Association of Personnel Services
Here’s What You’ll Get!
  • Organizing and Developing Your Client Base
  • How to Expand Production in a Weak Market
  • Slump! Cause and Cure
  • Time Management and Planning
  • Seven Ways to Increase Production
  • Obtaining Quality Candidates
  • The “Plateaued” Consultant
  • Developing Repeat Business
  • Dealing with Comfort Levels: When the Striving Stops
  • Developing Your Voice
  • Reducing Counteroffer Acceptance
  • How to go from Good to Great!
  • Planning the Closing Call
  • And Much, Much More!!!
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