Book Review

How to Explode the Production of Experienced Consultants

In 1994, leading trainer, speaker, and author Steve Finkel wrote the first version of the book Breakthrough! How to Explode Production of Experienced Consultants, an attractive hardbound book written not only for rookies but especially for the under-producing veterans who, even today, overpopulate the recruiting and placement profession.
I reviewed the book then and gave it two thumbs up.  It was quite different from  the material that was available, and covered almost every facet of the business in a matter-of-fact manner that reflected the realities of the business as they existed, written in Steve’s attention-grabbing and breezy style.
It became one of the industry’s best-sellers and has gone through many reprintings since originally written.  During the intervening years, Steve has produced DVD products for both new and highly experienced people and CDs for managers of recruiting firms, extensively lectured and trained on five continents, and switched his personal focus from public speaking to in-house training.
Now, after many months of work, Steve has completely revised and updated Breakthrough! Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters.  During the past 14 years, the industry has evolved.  Steve has recognized and tracked this evolution and changed with it.  This 400-page book is a remarkably inclusive training manual, and according to many, it has been responsible for dramatically increasing production for those who read it and followed its tenets.
Even the best books will serve no purpose if they are not read.  Relegated to a bookshelf, they are nothing but ornaments; but even nonreaders will find this to be an interesting read.  Breakthrough! moves along quickly; broken into segments, clearly written, with interesting relevant examples, it seems almost to be light reading — until you realize how genuinely on-target it is.
As an editor, I receive many books every month.  Most are scanned, but for the most part, they go unread past the first chapter or so.  Even though I had previously read Steve’s first edition, I was compelled to read Breakthrough! from cover to cover.  Even this grizzled old veteran of the recruiting wars learned a few things, so for the cover price of $45 plus postage, I heartily recommend it for every office — and for every desk!
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