Book Review

There are books on every subject under the sun.  Visit a library or good used book store, and you can find out how to do anything from making a bomb to growing flowers.  But you can’t find a search and placement book on how to increase your production!

Accountants, doctors, lawyers, insurance salesmen, hunters, card players, all businesses or hobbyists have dozens of books to help them solve problems and do better in their endeavors.  But you won’t find a book written for you! Until now…

The name of this new book is Breakthrough! Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters.  When Steve Finkel does something, he does it right. And he certainly has done so this time.

To begin with, there is the overall physical size and appearance of the book.  Breakthrough! is an absolute top-notch, high quality hardbound book.  It is not loose-lead, paperback, or skimpy.  360 pages and 30 chapters of material make for a solid and impressive work.

Then, of course, there is the information itself.  There is not an experienced consultant (or new one) in the country who won’t benefit directly and substantially from the material covered in Breakthrough!

Let’s take some examples:

Need new clients or want to develop new ones?  Breakthrough! has three outstanding chapters on these exact subjects.

Is your business slow?  There are dozens of specific suggestions to improve it in the two chapters on “Achieving Strong Billings in Any Market!

Is your production inconsistent, up one quarter, down the next?  The chapters on “Managing the Process” and perhaps “Slump: Cause and Cure” will correct the problem.

Having trouble getting enough done?  The chapters on “Time Management” and “Seven Ways to Increase Production” will help you achieve record production.

Thirty solid chapters really do provide “something for everyone.”

Then there is Steve Finkel himself. Mr Finkel has over twenty years in the search and placement industry.  He is the producer of three top-selling video products, the only major trainer in permanent placement in the United States, ten extended training trips to other continents . . . This is a book written by a qualified authority!

Finally, there is the overall “readability” of the book.  A 360-page nonfiction business book could be a boring or weighty tome. Breakthrough!, however, moves along quickly.  Finkel doesn’t just state rules or suggestions.  He explains why, as well as how, in a clear writing style, and gives interesting relevant examples.

There are also over thirty (30) full-page illustrations that “lighten up” the book, and always illustrate effectively the principles and solutions covered in the chapter.

Breakthrough! Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters, now totally revised and up-to-date is an excellent book and a major contribution to the search and placement industry. Breakthrough! is priced at only $45.00 US plus $4.00 shipping and handling, with volume discounts available.  We strongly recommend it.  To order, send check or money order to:

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