International Acclaim for Breakthrough!

“A brilliant and important book. A recruitment consultant who is open to new ideas can effect a disproportionate improvement in production!”

REC Bulletin (UK)
Recruitment & Employment Confederation

“…a massive impact on our group! Continued reading of this landmark work is now mandatory in both our initial and on-going training programmes.”

Guy Lean
Corporate Training Manager
Humana International PLC
(Now MRI)

“I thought the book was excellent. At long last a professional trainer has given the industry “classic method”. With the trends towards multi-method searching and greater use of Head Hunters, Finkel’s book is a must!”

Roger Squire
Managing Partner
James Knight Search (UK)

“Steve Finkel possesses.. the most in-depth knowledge of search and placement in industry history!”

US National Association of Personnel Services

“More than a book! It could almost be described as an industry bible with over 360 pages of industry knowledge, “how-to’s”, and genuine instruction.”

Recruitment International Magazine (UK)

“It’s quality material! Full of methods and techniques to substantially increase any consultant’s production!”

Mr. Chris Gunn
Howard Gunn Associates
Maldenhead Berks (UK)

“Mr. Finkel has not only produced a book sure to increase our production; he has written an interesting, easy-to-read book as well!”

Recruitment International (UK)

“An excellent book and a major contribution to the recruitment industry!”

South African Association of Personnel Consultants

“Essential reading for recruitment consultants. Full of good ideas for increasing sales and profits.”

William G. Robertshaw
Robertshaw & Associates,

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