For Search and Recruitment associations or franchises worldwide, or for larger firms. Programs adjustable from ninety minutes to three hours in length. High-content high take-home-value for recruiters at any level, as well as separate presentations specifically for owner/managers. Managers programs also involve open questions and answer sessions. Available internationally.

“New York is a tough audience. But I saw 20-year veterans who ‘knew it all’ walk away with 30 pages of notes. The evaluation forms told the story. No one has ever ranked so high!”

Mort Hoffman, President
New York Association of Personnel Consultants

“Superlative! Innovative, fresh, profitable new techniques!”

Lisa Kandell, President
Louisiana Association of Personnel Consultants

“Steve Finkel’s meaningful, beneficial presentation has been acclaimed as the best we’ve ever had!”

Alan Schonberg, CEO
Management Recruiters International

“The ultimate nuts-and-bolts” speaker. The best we’ve ever had!”

Lita Watson, President
California Association of Personnel Services

For a comprehensive review of Mr. Finkel’s recent presentations in the UK, click the cover of Recruitment International magazine.

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