Customized In-house Training

For brand-new or highly-established firms, the best possible training to increase skills and production. Conducted right in your office, totally customized for your firm by means of extensive Pre-Seminar Survey. Average sized client is five to eight people, with 35 percent consisting of three or fewer. Consistent increases in billings and profits from 20 percent to 400 percent! Available in one, two, or five-day formats, four to five hours per day. Suitable for new people to extremely experienced, tailored to level of background.

The Industry Authority

“Most in our industry know Steve from his speeches, DVD’s or his books, but his real forte is his in-house programs. Almost without exception, he has been responsible for dramatic increases in business and profits in the firms he has served…firms ranging in size from the solo operator to the organizations with dozens of consultants. We have a folder full of letters attesting to his effectiveness!”

Paul Hawkinson. Editor
The Fordyce Letter

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