Telephone Consulting

with Steve Finkel

You may be in business for yourself, but you are not alone!

Get answers and help from the author and trainer described by Personnel Consultant Magazine as “possessing the most in-depth knowledge of search and recruiting in industry history”!

Each year, numerous recruiting firms rely on Steve Finkel’s vast knowledge and experience. Telephone consulting continues to prove highly valuable for solving problems in a timely and cost effective manner.

What is Telephone Consulting?

It is the next best thing to having Steve in your office, providing you access to his expertise on an “as needed” basis for consultation with such situations as closing back-up, bottlenecks on search progression or management/staff training or issues. If individualized call analysis is indicated, recordings can be sent as attachments.

How does it work?

  1. The telephone sessions are arranged in advance and a specific appointment is set.
  2. Steve will request that you write out background information on the problem, question or topic to be discussed and e-mail them to us, as he will prepare in advance. However, the structure of each session allows enough flexibility to cover other questions or topics that you feel are important.
  3. You are welcome to record the call or take notes for your further reference and review. This helps insure that you receive the maximum value from each telephone session.

What does it cost?

Included in the cost is the preparation time mentioned above. Actual telephone time is approximately half an hour. The consultation is $250. Major credit cards accepted.

You call us at the appointed time. If time runs slightly over, we do not watch the clock. We will solve your problem, answer your question, or help you to arrive at the right decision.

Telephone consulting with the man described by The Fordyce Letter as “universally regarded as our industry’s leading trainer” is a proven, effective, low cost training and management support tool for your firm.

Is Mr. Finkel always available?

No. Steve travels extensively conducting both in-house training for firms of all sizes and public speaking for associations and franchises worldwide. He does not do telephone consulting while concentrating on other firms. By the same token, when he is available he will concentrate on YOUR firm.

For more information, please contact Steve Finkel directly by telephone. 314-991-3177

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