Regardless of whether you’re a new recruiter or an experienced executive search consultant, our wide range of books, CDs, and DVDs will increase your production dramatically. All products available in digital download or physical formats. The totally proven original and creative material presented in our in-house training and public speaking programs is internationally recognized for the significant results it has achieved.Unproven training is a losing gamble. We provide in-depth, professionally-proven material for recruiters at any level. Rely on our industry’s proven best.Updated! Read current and valuable articles by Steve Finkel.

The Fordyce Letter, America’s Leading Industry Publication
“If you haven’t heard of Steve Finkel, you’ve been living in a cave. Almost without exception, he has been responsible for dramatic increases in business and profits in the firms he has served . . .firms ranging in size from the sole operator to the organizations with dozens of consultants. In the US, he is universally regarded as our industry’s leading trainer! His four brilliant books are mandatory purchases for any recruiter who is serious about maximizing production.”

Management Recruiters International, World’s Largest Search & Recruitment Firm
Alan Schonberg, President
“Steven Finkel has now conducted 21 national and regional programs for our organization, which speaks volumes for his sheer effectiveness. In my opinion, there is no outside source within our industry as capable of improving the bottom line as Steve Finkel!”

Recruitment International Magazine, Europe’s Largest Industry Publication
“The world’s premier author and trainer in search and recruitment. In the US, Mr. Finkel has dominated the field of recruitment training for well over two decades to the virtual exclusion of all others. His speaking programmes in the UK were extraordinarily well-received by a sophisticated audience that appreciated his high-content professional approach.”

Personnel Consultant Magazine,
Published by (US) National Association of Personnel Services
“. . . the most in-depth knowledge of search and recruitment in industry history.”

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