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    • “Unlimited Clients! Perfect Prospecting for Today’s Recruiter”
    • NEW business is the key, the heart, the foundation of immediate and long-term recruiting success! With specific techniques and hard script, this landmark book reveals precisely how to generate quality leads and successfully initiate conversations with new prospects. You will quickly and permanently obtain a continuing stream of excellent search assignments through tested methods that will catapult your production — regardless of your experience level! (2020 edition) More Information
    • Unlimited Clients
    • “Real Recruiting! Winning Search Strategies”
    • Original unique concepts and strategies. How to motivate hiring authorities (not HR) to work with you to complete the search quickly and extend good offers. Clear, detailed techniques to identify top-quality candidates not available through web-based methodologies. How to recruit the candidate effectively, avoiding turndowns and counter-offers.Suitable for recruiters seeking creative, original ways to dramatically increase production. (2021 edition)
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    • Real Recruiting
    • “Breakthrough! 2.0! Exploding the Production of Experienced Recruiters”
    • Successful recruiters need more than a good foundation and years of experience in order to maximize production. They need to continually refine existing techniques and to add innovative approaches. New practices and proven scripts will keep you on a fast learning curve and will yield increased billings in any market. This thirty chapter book is specifically designed to present advanced level material in critical areas which will greatly benefit even the best producers. (2023 edition)
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    • “Search and Placement! A Handbook for Success”
    • A comprehensive training manual for new and experienced people, and the best possible introduction for aspiring recruiters. Especially recommended for those with less than two years and those wishing to acquire a more solid foundation in modern search and recruiting. (2017 edition) More Information
    • Search and Placement

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