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Ten-Person Firm

“Our firm is composed of top professionals.  But – you could see the glow of new-found knowledge in everyone’s eyes and feel the warmth of the excitement that Steve generated with his excellently prepared and delivered material.  Billings are up 79% over last year and we’re just getting started.”

Kenneth Levinson, President
Circare, Inc.


Office Support Firm

 “…This was the most thorough, well-planned and well-delivered program I have ever attended.  Billings are up over 60%!

Julia Smith, President
Professional Placement Service, Inc.


Retainer Firm

“Steve Finkel has isolated the critical elements necessary for achieving consistent success in our rapidly changing business and distilled the results into a unique program.  Our production has increased dramatically!

Robert Scott
Robert Scott Associates


Tailored Material

“I’m not sure if our firm represented the toughest in-house training program you’ve ever done, but we must have been the most diverse.  We had a two-person operation consisting of one highly experienced, high-producing consultant trained by a major franchise, and one new consultant with less than six months on a desk.  I know you tailor your material specifically for each firm, but this seemed impossible!”

“Since that first two-day program five years ago, you’ve done a two-day program for us once a year.  Incredibly, those ten days of training have consisted of totally different material.  The sheer depth of your knowledge – and your ability to teach it – is amazing.”

“The results have been amazing, too.  Within four months of that first program, our production soared.  And every year your program has directly generated fees equal to at least ten times its cost!

William Dewey, President
Continental Search Associates, Inc.


Sole Practitioner

As a well-trained high producer with ten years on a desk, I was beginning to think my days of great improvement were behind me.  But after reading Steve Finkel’s excellent book Breakthrough!, I decided to proceed with an in-house training program.

I was shocked! Steve’s extensive Pre-Seminar Survey plus our conversations enabled him to zero in on precisely the areas where I could get the greatest increases in the 2-day timeframe.  My billings doubled the next year!  Doubled!  I strongly recommend this insightful effective trainer … except to my competitors!

Kathleen Barnes, President
Barnes Associates


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