Turbulent Times!
A Manager’s Guide To Navigating Difficult Markets


The Keys to Leading a Profitable Search Firm That Will Survive and Prosper….In Any Market!

The principles, specific strategies and practices in this manager’s program are designed to increase profits, enhance production, reduce turnover and contain costs regardless of the economy!

If your firm’s production remains steady, your entire organization will be strengthened by the industry-proven material in this five-hour CD series.

And as the economy falters, this program may well be your key to survival.

It is the perfect investment. You win – and win big – either way!

Survive and Prosper in the Shifting Tides of Today’s Market!

In “Turbulent Times! A Manager’s Guide to Navigating Difficult Markets” , our industry’s leading trainer reveals the precise and specific information you need to assure continued survival and prosperity for your firm in the difficult months and years ahead.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Building a Safety Net against tough times.
  • The key principles to protect yourself in an evolving market.
  • Six specific ways to contain costs – and increase profits
  • How, where and whether to diversify your firm.
  • Expanding your Client Base!
  • The different types of candidates you’ll need in a changing market.
  • How to find those candidates
  • Ten ways to improve the selection of new recruiters.
  • And much much more….
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