A 25-Year Study!

In 1981, in launching his then-new in-house training business, Mr. Finkel spoke with hundreds of search and placement firms. In doing so, he asked how they were preparing for the expected Recession. And throughout 1982 and 1983, he followed up to see what had really worked. And, always, he took notes.

In 1989, with another economic downturn looming, he contacted scores of industry “elder statesmen,” who had cumulatively experienced hundreds of Recessions. He put together this massive wisdom and experience on an audio series on dealing with slow markets. As the 1991-1992 Recession ended, he contacted purchasers of the original series to evaluate the specific effectiveness on the material. And again, notes were taken.

As the 2000 economy weakened, Mr. Finkel retrieved his previous information. He again interviewed dozens of successful industry veterans to add to his wealth of knowledge. He extensively researched world-wide databases to obtain further tested information from other industries. And finally he added his own unique perspective from 30 years on a desk, including 20 as the world’s premier author, speaker, and trainer in our industry.

By the time of that recession, “Turbulent Times” had become a reality. The material it contained was validated by the overwhelming difference between those firms that purchased it … and those that did not survive.

Now revised and updated, “Turbulent Times” is the most thoroughly-researched and proven product ever produced for our industry. The tested, validated material it contains will allow your firm to survive and thrive…regardless of economic conditions.

Profitable in good times or bad!

The principles, strategies and practices spelled out in this manager’s program are designed to increase profits, enhance billings, reduce turnover and contain costs for your firm regardless of the economy.

If economic growth continues, your entire organization will be strengthened by the material presented in this 5-hour, 5-volume, high-quality audio program.


And if the economy does falter, this program may well be your key to survival.
It’s the perfect investment. You win – and win big – either way!

Now, your firm can take the steps you need to assure yourself of survival and prosperity in the shifting sands of today’s market.

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