Why Larry Nobles?

“The most critical need in our industry is for solid thorough low-cost professional training for new people. Larry’s superb 12-CD, 24 module series ‘Successful Search and Placement’ fills this need beautifully, and will be highly beneficial for experienced consultants as well”.

The Fordyce Letter
Our Industry’s Leading Publication

“Larry Nobles presents excellent and effective material in a straightforward and likable way. While I prefer good-quality DVDs, CDs have the benefit of being very convenient if you spend time in your car, and they are inexpensive. Larry’s CD products are the best in the business! I recommend them”.

Steve Finkel
Our Industry’s Leading Speaker, Author & Trainer

“Our franchise puts out some outstanding DVDs. Yet we find the Nobles’ CD series to be a solid addition to our training program, especially for new people. The section on desk organization alone is worth the cost of the series. We recommend it to all offices serious about training professional recruiters”.

Gary Fruchtman
President- Management Recruiters

” I’ve been using Larry’s comprehensive 12-hour CD series for 2 years now, and could not be more pleased with the depth and detail of revelant and useful information. They have paid for themselves many times over. Traffic jams are no longer frustrating with these effective CDs at hand. Each module is jam-packed with ready to use techniques”.

Chuck Lamprey
President- CareersHere.com

“As a former tenured recruiter/manager within a national franchise system, I have experienced some of the finest training our industry has to offer. However no amount of training prepared me for the practical insights and ideas offered in ‘Successful Search and Placement’. I directly attribute an increase of over $100,000 PDA, to the techniques and insights offered in ‘Successful Search and Placement’! A must for every consultant in our industry.”

Jeff Ketchum
Chairman & CEO-Automotive Recruiters International, Inc.

“Larry Nobles was one of the best recruiting trainers there was. Larry taught at several of our Network’s conventions. His materials were extremely practical and very down to earth. I have personally witnessed complete rookies buy his training CDs and hit the ground running within days. Best of all, those rookies are no longer rookies, and they are doing very well in their businesses today. They too sing the praises of Larry Nobles. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about the value of Larry’s CDs and materials. They are a must for every recruiter!”

Mike Kappel
President, Top Echelon Network
Our Industry’s Leading Network

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