Sourcing for Recruiters: Beyond the Internet!

By Steve Finkel

Genuine recruiters in today’s world have a choice to make. Which path they choose can result in great success… or long-term problems.

What percentage of the candidates you submit to clients are initially found through the internet? Is “social media” your main starting point past your existing data base when conducting a search?

The hard facts are that an over-reliance on the internet may be preventing you from finding the best candidates and from achieving substantial income that could be yours… and you will never even know it!

Why? Well, consider that every “sourcing” training product, every piece of software, every social media site or job board you use is also 100% available to the companies you hope will pay your fees. And if that isn’t enough, your clients’ HR departments can now hire computer-savvy third-world internet recruiters… for $2 an hour!

When you consider it, what we do for our clients is what they cannot do for themselves. Recent surveys have indicated that close to 90% of HR departments or hiring managers visit LinkedIn or other boards before they work with recruiters. So what exactly do internet-reliant recruiters bring to the table in terms of additional qualified candidates?

So what’s the answer? How do you maximize income, find the best candidates and protect yourself from the internet tools and training which directly threaten your livelihood?

A Balanced Approach

You do what HR cannot do. You strike a balance. You combine the most useful elements of the internet with specific identification techniques not available to your clients, to third-world internet recruiters or to your web-focused competitors.

These techniques and competitive advantages are detailed in my new 42-chapter book Real Recruiting! Winning Search Strategies.

After implementing the innovative specific material Real Recruiting! contains, you will be able to quickly identify the top quality in-demand candidates your clients can never find… except through you!

I am frequently asked about the future of the recruiting industry. The answer is that there will be a two-tier evolution, which we see even now. Those internet-focused people who seek to compete with the tools, boards, and overseas resources readily available to clients… and those relying on their personal skills.

The first group will have little to offer a client beyond price, and will be continually bedeviled with turndowns, counteroffers and “we already have that candidate” responses from clients. The second – the skills-oriented real recruiters – can bring to the client truly unique, top-quality candidates that can be secured in no other way. The difference in both income and personal satisfaction will be immense.

Our industry offers you a great future. But it is a proper blending of the best non-web-based identification techniques combined with effective recruiting that will enable you to dramatically increase your production and to protect yourself in a changing market.

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