Internal “recruiters” a problem? Try this…

A while ago, a client of mine contacted me with a significant problem. The number of searches she was receiving was declining as both existing and prospective clients increasingly chose to rely on internal recruiters to fill important positions.

To remedy this, she wrote an article attempting to address this problem and sent it to hiring managers in her industry. The results were not what she had hoped for. Still, I thought her idea had potential. I read the article, did quite a bit of editing and re-writing and suggested she try again.

The new article clearly explained the many substantial benefits of utilizing executive search firms to fill key positions, as opposed to HR or internal recruiters.

This time, the results were quite different.

She sent the article out twice, and also posted it on her website. Her multi-branch offices have seen ongoing and dramatic increases in search assignments, both from previous clients and from companies where she had never done business before! Her interviews set with these clients are of a similar magnitude and have resulted in major increases in production for her entire firm.

Upon seeing these results, I posted the article, “Better Hiring Decisions! The Power of Executive Search”, at my LinkedIn profile. I have since received innumerable notes from those who have used it as follows and found it to be extremely beneficial. Send it to your clients, ideally twice at a one-month interval. Repeat every six months, and whenever the subject of internal “recruiters” occurs. You’ll find it to be quite effective in helping to overcome this objection. Printing on good quality paper and physically mailing will have even greater impact, and I’d also recommend posting it on your website.

Outstanding industry trainer Larry Nobles in his excellent book Search and Placement! wrote of the great benefits in educating clients about our industry. This is what he meant. You’ll find “Better Hiring Decisions! The Power of Executive Search ” to be highly effective – and highly profitable — in convincing clients and prospective clients of the numerous benefits of utilizing your firm’s executive search capabilities.

See here for link. And due to the merit of the article, I’d be pleased if you hit ”share” with your contacts at LinkedIn. They will appreciate it. If used as suggested, this WILL get you additional quality searches and production!

“Better Hiring Decisions! The Power of Executive Search”

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