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Q. Dear TFL:
I noticed in last month’s “POTPOURRI” feature that Steve Finkel has a new management-oriented video. Have you reviewed it yet?

A. Dear Reader:
Yes, we saw Steve’s new “high Profit Management!” video program in its multiperson operations form. It’s considerably longer than his first consultant-oriented “Book More Business!” video and runs over four hours. The production and technical quality is first-rate, utilizing over 400 graphics ro reinforce points made.

Based on the quantity of information and the quality of the contents, it’s a truly outstanding investment for owners and managers who wish to hone their skills and increase their profits. New tips and techniques are presented in a no-nonsense format and the video contains a number of new methods and some new twists on old ones. Finkel’s approach is not a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ preachment, but a way to gradually incorporate proven procedures and modify existing methods towards the ultimate goal of making more money. The program is available from Placement Marketing Group,
P.O. Box 41008,
St. Louis, MO 63141
(reprinted from the Letters to the Editor Section. Emphasis added.)

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