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“Any well-run business must be continually alert to the improvement of their training and their profits. Accordingly, when Steve Finkel’s DVD series High Profit Management! began to gain such glowing accolades from a number of our franchisees, we reviewed the program carefully.

I think it is one of the most complete, comprehensive and meaningful production on management of any business that I’ve ever seen.

The quality of the production, the appropriate use of graphics, the general format and the superlative content have all added up to a program that I consider to be invaluable to the management of offices within our industry.

This management DVD series is simply a dimension ahead of anything else on the subject. There is no question that it will substantially improve the general quality and the profits of any firm that owns it.”

Alan Schonberg
Management Recruiters International

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“We recently viewed Steve Finkel’s DVD series High Profit Management!, and we’re enormously impressed with both the quantity and quality of the contents. It’s a truly outstanding investment for owners and managers who wish to hone their skills and increase their profits.

The production and technical quality is also first-rate, utilizing over 400 graphics to reinforce the points made.

New tips and techniques are presented in a no-nonsense format. The series contains a number of new concepts and methods and some new twists on old ones.

Mr. Finkel’s approach is not a “take it or leave it” preachment. Rather, it is a respectful methodology by our industry’s most experienced management consultant and trainer on how to gradually incorporate proven procedures and modify existing methods towards the ultimate good of increasing the production of the entire firm.”

Paul Hawkinson
The Fordyce Letter

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