Client Delays? See this!

A while ago, a client of mine contacted me with a common problem — hiring authorities who were reluctant to move quickly to fill existing open positions.

In response, she had written an article on the costs of delay to be forwarded to clients and posted it at her website.

At her request, I reviewed the article and was able to make some suggestions and changes. When the revised article was posted, the results were quite remarkable.

Her hiring authorities are proceeding quickly to fill existing openings. Additionally, due to the high-visibility website posting, she is now getting calls regarding anticipated hiring needs.

See link below for the article. Also posted at my Linkedlin profile . You are free to use it, either to forward directly to slow-moving clients or to post at your website, but please retain the co-authored information and links at the end. For that matter, you may wish to “share” on LinkedIn.

The late Larry Nobles, in his excellent book Search and Placement!, maintained that we could increase our production significantly by educating clients. This is what he meant.

I think you’ll find this article to be useful.

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