Real Recruiting!
A Review

by Paul Hawkinson,
Founder/Editor of The Fordyce Letter for over 25 years,
the recruiting industry’s most widely read print and online newsletter in the world

Steve Finkel is the premier speaker and trainer for the search and placement industry – worldwide. As a speaker, he has addressed every franchise and association on five continents. As our industry’s only in-house trainer specializing in successful offices, he has worked with hundreds of firms internationally, with 85% repeat business. And his landmark DVD products and best-selling books have dramatically increased production for many thousands of firms.

His new book, Real Recruiting! Winning Search Strategies, reveals a wide variety of tested proven techniques and unique creative concepts. Moreover, it addresses all topics with a depth and comprehensiveness never before seen in our industry.

Real Recruiting! is divided into three sections and 42 chapters. In every chapter, the author presents original, detailed information to increase the production of any recruiter.

Part I, “The Search Assignment”, takes us well beyond the basics of “taking a search.” Rather, it shows us how to influence the hiring authority to work with the recruiter to bring the search to a rapid and successful conclusion. Avoiding HR, how to obtain good offers, motivating the client to sell the potential hire, all these and more are dealt with clearly and effectively. Major fees are lost as a result of these problems; this is the solution.

In Part II, “Identifying the Candidate”, the author makes a persuasive case for what many experienced managers recognize – that an over-reliance on web-based methods significantly decreases production and that only a “balanced approach” will yield maximum results. Mr. Finkel covers multiple specific techniques any recruiter can use to identify top-quality candidates not available through social media or the internet. This is ideal material for today’s recruiters in today’s market.

In Part III, “Recruiting the Candidate”, the most comprehensive and effective methodology we’ve ever seen is clearly scripted out. Principles, Opener, Presenting the Opportunity, excellent Rebuttals, Pre-Closing the Candidate, Avoiding Turndowns and Counter Offers, everything to make a good recruiter better and a new recruiter good is right here.

Mention must also be made of the exceptional writing style. Broken down into headings and sub-headings, this extensive book could almost be described as “easy reading” – until you look back and see how much has been learned.

This is a brilliant piece of work! This book will change the way recruiting is done, and dramatically increase the production of every person who reads and implements this material. Including you.

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