Here’s What You’ll Get!

Volumes I & II (Four 30-Minute Modules)

Selling the Search/Selecting the Search Assignment
How many times have your consultants been stopped by, “We use newspaper ads or the Internet”? Or, “We don’t use outside recruiters”? Now discover how to open doors to much more business as your people learn how to sell your services correctly.
How many times has a candidate decided not to proceed (or accept) due to a poor client selling job? How many times has a poor offer resulted in a “turndown”?

How many fees have been lost after you did the work to produce the candidates, but the client decided not to proceed? How frequently have you invested time on the wrong search assignment?

This need never happen again. Learn how in this two-hour section.

Volume III (Two 45-Minute Modules)

Identifying the Candidate
Regardless of whether you work in Office Support or Professional, Contingency or Retainer, in a broad area or a narrow niche market, you must identify top candidates.
Now learn thirteen ways of identifying highly qualified candidates in any market.

Steve Finkel tells you how to do it. Precisely. Specifically. Profitably!

Volumes IV & V (Four 30-Minute Modules)

Recruiting the Candidate
How effective are you at recruiting? On what is your recruiting skill based? Is it based on a formal structure designed and proven to maximize results? Or is it based on your personal abilities and business/sales skill? If it’s the latter, how effective are you on “down” days?
Were you taught properly? And if you manage, how well are you teaching recruiting to new consultants?

Now you and your entire firm can learn the specific recruiting techniques proven to massively increase billings in all markets and for all people from new consultants to $300,000-a-year producers.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the two hours of “Recruiting the Candidate”:

  • The Ten Principles of Recruiting
  • How to initially approach the candidate
  • How to present the opportunity
  • How to identify and capitalize on concerns
  • How to close the recruit
  • How to implement this material

How long can you afford to limit your earnings by errors or by unstructured learning? Learn recruiting the right way! And reap major rewards immediately and for years to come.

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