Unlimited Quality Candidates . . .In Any Field

“‘Recruiters and Searchers consistently earn more money than ‘placers.’ Now, Steve Finkel tackles the complete recruiting methodology from the first hirer contact through the entire process of identifying and recruiting the ideal candidate. If any program covers all the bases, this is it! Those who wish to learn recruiting properly or increase existing skill levels will find ‘The Art of Recruiting’ to be a highly worthwhile investment!

The Fordyce Letter

“Mention must be made of the step-by-step, well-thought-out approach taken in this programme. Other videos we have seen tend to the razzle-dazzle, somewhat shallow style of the motivational speaker. Mr. Finkel presents powerful and effective material – yet rivets the viewer with the pure logic and perfection of his industry-specific techniques. This is five-plus hours of information that works – presented by a truly masterful professional trainer.”

Recruitment International Magazine U.K. Europe’s largest industry publication

“The more industry DVD productions I watch, the better ‘The Art of Recruiting’ seems. The material is clean, crisp, well-organized; the ideas are reasoned and eminently useable. Excellent and profuse ‘Star Wars’ graphics, top camera work, split screen role-plays, 30 minute modules all help to maintain interest and increase retention. Those firms that recruit will find this quality DVD series to be extremely beneficial. And at the price it’s offered, it’s a steal!”

Staffing Industry Report

“From a DVD standpoint, this is a beautifully produced series! In my 14 years in the DVD business, I’ve produced more that a fair share of DVDs – both high and low budget. This is a high-budget production, tastefully done. The image quality is superb, the modules are loaded with crisp graphics that underscore key points, and the overall production values are solid. In short, it’s easy to watch this extremely effective series, and to learn from it.”

Joseph Messinger
Director of Video Production
Management Recruiters, International

“Equally beneficial for professional or office support . . . for new or experienced consultants . . . in a strong or weak market. ANYONE WHO RECRUITS – or would like to – MUST OWN THIS REMARKABLE PRODUCT. Nothing else even comes close!”

Tony Bruno
Major International Industry Trainer

“The Art of Recruiting” consists of ten modules, 30 to 40 minutes each of high-content material designed to yield high-quality search assignments and unlimited top-quality candidates . . . by Steve Finkel, our industry’s premier trainer.

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